A little about Zilla Persona...

Zilla Persona is a New York-based nerd rapper and electronic artist.

His performances are a high-energy blend of songs covering everything from nerd-pride to LAN parties (in the most literal sense). ZP's first album, "You Wouldn't Think," draws heavily from tech culture, video game nostalgia and dance parties, and is crafted largely from chiptune samples and things that beep.

Zilla is also the founder of the annual nerdcore hip-hop and chip music showcase, "Nerdrage," held yearly in Philadelphia.

He has opened for great hip-hop artists such as MC Frontalot, Astronautalis, MC Lars, Adam Warrock, Mikal kHill and Jesse Dangerously. He can often be found in his natural habitat hunting dinosaurs, PvPing, or screaming at his PS2.